(Old) The Vintage Vest Venture – Day Five

(Originally posted on April 14, 2009)

(written yesterday – the internet was bad again)

Today we finally did make it out pretty early, and arrived at our first destination before ten o’clock. We started at Heidelburg Castle, which is an old medieval castle of some historical significance (we didn’t do a tour). The grounds were lovely – you could walk all over them without having to buy a ticket or anything. I practically drooled over the thousands photoshoot opportunities. The castle itself was cool too – very big and open and ruin-ish. I had fun exploring it, and I bought a little painting of it in the gift shop. We walked around for about two hours before getting back into the car and heading to the next town, Würzburg.

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(Old) The Vintage Vest Venture – Day Four

(Originally posted on April 13, 2009)

(written yesterday, but the internet wouldn’t work long enough for me to post it)

This time it was the laundry’s fault we were out late! Though Mom had it running all night, our clothes weren’t dry and we didn’t really have anything to wear until it was done. We did not get out too late, but it was later than I had hoped for.

We drove down towards Linderhof, which happens to be the same drive we took on the second day when we went to Neuschwanstein. This time there wasn’t much traffic, and we went pretty fast. It was nice to pass through some of the towns again, and to see the Alps one more time.

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(Old) The Vintage Vest Venture – Day Three

(Originally posted on October April 11, 2009)

This morning, we woke up bright and early after arriving past midnight last night. We dragged ourselves out of bed and prepared to go. I got really sick to my stomach for about an hour… luckily it didn’t hold us up too much, because my dad discovered that the base has gas for half the price as off-base gas. He went hunting to get the magical pass that would allow him to buy gas on base while Laura, Mom and I looked around the little Shoppette. In the end, the magical pass was only allowed to be used by those who actually live on base, so we basically wasted an hour and a half working on that. We ended up setting out about the same time we’d left yesterday.

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