The Imaginings of a Girl

I see him sometimes in my mind.

Once I was walking, thinking of nothing in particular, and out of nowhere he just came into my head: A fellow lifting my mangled, scarred hand and kissing it.

On Thursday I saw him again.

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Growing Up and Growing Old

I’m sick of hearing the phrase, “I’ll never grow up!”

In so many children’s stories and movies, growing up is The Enemy. Growing up is the Bad Thing we never want to happen. Childhood and youth are idealized, because everyone knows that growing up sucks.

Well, guess what happens to mortal human children? They get old. Some grow old. Some grow up.

And there’s a difference.

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My Dog, Rosey

Thirteen years ago, I took a ball of fluff home and named her Rosey. She was there for me in some of my hardest times. She helped me find peace and rest in the midst of turmoil. And today, I wanted to give her the rest she deserves.

When I was eight years old, I had this hamster. He was my first real pet, and I loved him with all the fervor of an eight year old girl who thinks hamsters are best friends and not insane escape machines. But one day my hamster’s wife hamster killed him. It was very tragic and I was heartbroken.

My parents recognized the tragedy and decided to finally get me what I’d been asking for since pre-hamster: A dog.

We began looking for the perfect doggy. But despite our efforts, none of them seemed quite right.
One of my mom’s friends had a litter of puppies, so after waiting a few weeks for them to grow up a little we came by to look at them. I searched for one after the other, trying to decide. But I had a feeling that something was following me. I turned around in time to see a little black streak dive under a bush. I kept looking. I could hear the soft paws following me.

I whirled fast enough to catch her by surprise. She was a tiny black puppy with big brown eyes. She hid under a car… but then started following me again as soon as I walked away. As cliché as it is, I guess in a sense she chose me.

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my heart is flown (and hello)

Well, I’m back.

Being in the States is weird. I saw “chips and salsa” on a menu and thought to myself, “Gross! Who wants salsa on chips?” Then I realized I’d confused chips/French fries and crisps/chips.

I don’t think it’s fully sunk in yet. At times it starts to hit me–that I really am back, and that chapter is over. I’m sure it will be hard when it sinks in.

I’ve started looking at graduate schools in the UK already. I’m by no means coming back to stay, and certainly not in the South. Nothing against the U.S. or the South, but I think I’m quite ready for another adventure.

I’ve at last officially moved from my old LJ. I decided it was high time I graduated myself to WordPress (gasp!). “But what?” you say. “You’ve already posted like 74 posts on this blog!” Yes. You will note I’ve moved my “Greatest Hits” (aka favorite or popular posts) from my old blog. I also posted all of my travel entries in folders organized by trip, because my family thought this would be a good idea. (I might be slightly insane for doing that. I’m not sure I’ve recovered. There were a lot of posts.) I’m not entirely happy with the layout on this blog yet, and will be making some alterations once I have money for a customization pack.

But from now on all content will be new and up to date! So follow along for the merry and insane adventures of your average arthritic traveling hopeful-author college student!