(Old) Magical Mystery Tour: Days Fourteen – Twenty

(Originally posted on June 15, 2012)

Day Fourteen we rested in my dorm in Reading. I think we might have walked to campus or something. It was chill time.

Day Fifteen we went to London to knock off a few things we wanted to see. We went to the British Museum, which was pretty cool because it was like walking through my Art History 101 class. It was less cool because there were a ton of school kids there, and as I’ve already mentioned I have an increasing abhorrence for school kids. Some of these school kids were climbing on the ancient Egyptian statues. Others just ran around taking pictures with their iPhones.

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(Old) Magical Mystery Tour: Days Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen (Inverness/Travel)

(Originally posted on June 12, 2012)

Day Eleven we said goodbye to our friendly Dutch hosts and got a bus to Inverness. On the way, we hopped off in what was supposed to be a Loch Ness town. It was really tiny, and over two miles from the Loch. So we didn’t really see anything other than the view from the buses. No sign of Nessie, sadly.

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(Old) Magical Mystery Tour: Days Seven & Eight (Edinburgh), Nine & Ten (Fort William)

(Originally posted on June 7, 2012)

Day Seven we got up and hit the road. It was a bus and then train ride to Edinburgh. For some reason, the rail line was very bumpy and left me feeling pretty nauseous. We caught a cab to our B&B. The driver was very nice and chatted with us about Edinburgh and gave us tips for getting around the city. It was sort of funny because I did most of the talking–I think Mom couldn’t really understand him.

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(Old) Magical Mystery Tour: Days Five and Six (Lake District)

(Originally posted on June 2, 2012)

What’s this? I’m actually attempting to update and catch people up on stuff?? Madness!

Day Five we checked out of the hostel and caught a cheap bus to Carisle. The drive was lovely, and I finished Mrs. Mike, which was great and made me cry a little. I might pick up the companion book[s?] if I get the time. Anyway, so we got to Carisle and hopped on a 15 minute train into Penrith. We hung around McDonald’s for about an hour waiting for our next bus. In my defense, this is only the second time I have entered a McDonald’s in my entire time abroad. Plus they had cheap drinks with ice. So.

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(Old) Rambling Through the Avenues of Time

(Originally posted on May 28, 2012)

Posting this separate from the update on the days because it’s in an entirely different tone and probably deserves its own entry. More typical travel entries tomorrow.

We walked out of the play arm in arm. The lake was before us, with the mountains behind, all the purple shades of blue in the dusk. There was a green hill where the sheep, lambs and geese were grazing, some silhouetted against the sky. Wisps of cloud were overhead, pink and yellow. It was all so beautiful, and quiet, and peaceful. The air was fresh and cold. I felt alive, and healthy, and happy. I loved the lake and the mountains and the sheep and the clouds. I loved the way our B&B looked, with its little lights twinkling in a friendly way as we approached. I loved the warmth of a good play in my chest. I felt so full of love for all these things that I wanted to cry.

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(Old) Magical Mystery Tour: Days One-Four (York and Hadrian’s Wall)

(Originally posted on May 27, 2012)

So my travels with my mom are going to be called Magical Mystery Tour, after the Beatles song. Now that that’s figured out, let me attempt to sum up the past several days.

Day One happened the very same day I saw Mary Cate off. After waiting in the train station and enjoying cheap internet, I got on a bus and made my merry way down to Heathrow. There was some confusion between online info and correct info, so I had to scramble to get to the right terminal. However, I made it in good time, especially since my mom’s flight was delayed. At last she arrived, and there were hugs and kisses, and then we were off.

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(Old) Everything Out the Window

(Originally posted on May 27, 2012)

Mom and I have just arrived in Keswick, a smallish town in the Lake District. I’m going to catch up on the days we’ve spent traveling (I swear I am! probably tonight). But right now, I just want to describe everything I can see.

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