Writing Tips

Below are some awesome blog entries that changed or challenged the way I write. I constantly find myself referring to them, so I figured I should just put them all in one place!

Agents and Querying:

How a Book Gets Published
How to Write a Synopsis
How to Write a Query Letter
Query Letter Mad Lib
Strive Always for Normalness!: My Advice for Super New, Unagented Writers
What Do Literary Agents Do?


How To Write Great Character Introductions
Man Vs. Self: How to Create Heroes with Heart
Man Vs. Society: Your Hero Will Change The World & The World Will Change Your Hero


The Mistakes Writers Make


10 Questions Your Reader Shouldn’t Have to Ask
10 Ways to Strengthen Your Beginning
Appeal to the Senses—and Emotions
Finding The Theme Of A Story: Almost Famous
“Is This Meaningful Dialog?” She Asked.
Is Your Conflict Strong Enough?

General Writing:

10 Practices for Maintaining a Constant Stream of Writing Ideas
How to Write Better Fiction
Rules: Friends of Creativity (And Enemies of Car Accidents)
Things I’ve Learned: The Backpack
Writing Tips: Writing is Rewriting


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