(Old) Project Petticoat – Day Five

(Originally posted on October 28, 2008)

All of the pictures are already up on SA. Yay me! Oh, and this was probably by far my favorite day in England. I am so going back to Bath.

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(Old) Project Petticoat – Day Four

(Originally Posted on October 26, 2008)

Sorry for the lack of updates. It’s again a matter of time, energy, and wanting to keep the pictures uploaded at the same pace. I only have two more days to go, though, so please be patient! 🙂

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(Old) Project Petticoat – Day Three

(Originally posted on October 23, 2008)

Sorry this came a day late, or whatever. I wanted to upload all the Winchester pictures and start on the Oxford ones before putting up an update. (FYI, if you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, you can check the album there for more candid/casual pictures. I’m trying to limit my blogger account to just the nice looking ones.)

Note: This post does have a couple of pictures. But they are all small, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

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(Old) Project Petticoat – Day One

(Originally posted on October 19, 2008)

Below is the bare bones of the first day of Project Petticoat. It’s bare because 1) I wrote it on the way to Winchester and I was still pretty tired, and 2) That makes it a simpler read and shorter. (I filled in almost half of my journal over the week, so short is good, trust me.)

Since I listened to Jon Foreman’s Seasons EPs every time I turned on my iPod during this trip, I’m going to use a bit of his lyrics as an introduction to each day. Why? Because I want to.

I’m going to try to upload my pictures per day on Scholar’s Art as I update my blog. So check there whenever I post these daily reports.

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