(Old) Project Petticoat – Day Three

(Originally posted on October 23, 2008)

Sorry this came a day late, or whatever. I wanted to upload all the Winchester pictures and start on the Oxford ones before putting up an update. (FYI, if you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, you can check the album there for more candid/casual pictures. I’m trying to limit my blogger account to just the nice looking ones.)

Note: This post does have a couple of pictures. But they are all small, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

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(Old) Project Petticoat – Day One

(Originally posted on October 19, 2008)

Below is the bare bones of the first day of Project Petticoat. It’s bare because 1) I wrote it on the way to Winchester and I was still pretty tired, and 2) That makes it a simpler read and shorter. (I filled in almost half of my journal over the week, so short is good, trust me.)

Since I listened to Jon Foreman’s Seasons EPs every time I turned on my iPod during this trip, I’m going to use a bit of his lyrics as an introduction to each day. Why? Because I want to.

I’m going to try to upload my pictures per day on Scholar’s Art as I update my blog. So check there whenever I post these daily reports.

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