(Old) The Vintage Vest Venture – Day Three

(Originally posted on October April 11, 2009)

This morning, we woke up bright and early after arriving past midnight last night. We dragged ourselves out of bed and prepared to go. I got really sick to my stomach for about an hour… luckily it didn’t hold us up too much, because my dad discovered that the base has gas for half the price as off-base gas. He went hunting to get the magical pass that would allow him to buy gas on base while Laura, Mom and I looked around the little Shoppette. In the end, the magical pass was only allowed to be used by those who actually live on base, so we basically wasted an hour and a half working on that. We ended up setting out about the same time we’d left yesterday.

The car put me to sleep almost immediately and I dozed most of the way. What I did see of the road was beautiful, with big windmills all over the hills. We did stop over at McDonald’s for lunch. I didn’t get anything (still nauseous) but it looked pretty good.

We arrived in Köln around noon. We visited the huge Köln Cathedral, which is famous for its relics and architecture. It was very impressive, though not quite like the ones in England – for one thing, it wasn’t littered with graves everywhere. It was very gothic and beautiful. Mom and I looked around and then went outside to meet with Laura, Philip and Dad. We waited. And waited. We did a lot of people watching. There were a few of those weird statue people who stand outside and let you take pictures with them (I think they’re kind of scary, so I didn’t). There was a group holding up a fake soccer game sheet thing and they’d grab people to do it. They were drinking a bit and I’m pretty sure they were all drunk before we left. Fun times, fun times. Anyway. Eventually Laura and Dad came out to tell us they were going up to the Belfry. (I thought it’d be cool, but 1) they didn’t get me a ticket and 2) my hip has been hurting a lot and hundreds of stairs wouldn’t help that at all.) Mom and I found Philip inside and then went to a bakery. I got a baguette, which was really good. Then we went to hunt down a spoon for Laura. These tasks completed, we waited more. We ended up spending most of the morning waiting, which was a little frustrating, but I’m glad they had fun.

(Picture by Laura)

From there, we drove to Trier to see the Black Gate. Trier is an old medieval/Roman town, and the Black Gate is one of the remaining Roman attractions. It was really cool – tall and dark and impressive. You could go up and walk all through it. A thunderstorm hit while we were up, which was very neat. The town under the rain, with thunder rolling over the hills in the distance, was beautiful.

After we got kicked out of the Black Gate (it was closing) we walked down in the town to find somewhere to eat. There was a farmer’s market in the center of the little town, where tons and tons of beautiful flowers were being sold. One man started throwing his yellow bouquets to the ladies passing by. Dad got one for Mom, who had been coveting them. ^-^ We finally settled outside a gyro meat place, which was good. We wandered back to the car, and then we drove back to the hotel. Not a very full day, but I was satisfied.

Tomorrow we’re going to Linderhof and down the Romantic Road. I’m really looking forward to this. Hopefully I’ll get to do some good shopping, and meander through all the old towns. (Hopefully my family will be able to move fast enough so we’re out by 8:00…)


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