The Annual Thankful Post

I’m thankful for:

Family and Adopted Family. Like my brother who’s man enough to leave his videogames, put on an apron and make some killer homemade rolls. And like Michelle with the best hugs ever and Brad who’s willing to talk with me for lengths of time about foreign countries.

Friends. Especially ones who go on adventures to Barcelona or Cornwall, read my manuscript to me in a pirate accent, get me hooked on Canadian shows or go over lists to plan out our days.

A Great Semester. I have loved all my classes, and I can tell this is going to be one of those times the last day of class is a sad affair.

Blessings. Even the heartbreakingly hard ones. I’ve found those are often the ones that change my life.

William Jenkyn Thomas, who taught in Wales, realized that the Welsh oral tradition was dying away and no one was writing down the stories. So he set about to write a children’s book, The Welsh Fairy Book. When I was about fourteen, I found the book in my local library and snatched it off the walls. If I hadn’t, I’d probably be a boring person writing about things like “real life” or the “modern era.” Thank you, Will.


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