Character Themes

Sometimes when I have access to a piano, I’ll play some of my favorite movies’ soundtracks for a bit before I just start playing stuff out of my head. This often ends up with me trying to put scenes from my current novels to music. Character themes are my favorite to work on–there’s something you learn about your characters when you try to make an instrumental piece about them.

Last night, my housemates were gone and one of them (a music major) had left her amazing keyboard out. I snuck into their room and played for about two hours. After a while I remembered that I have a recorder on my phone, so I started recording myself. I’m working on developing Melle’s voice in Blessings, so I decided to play around with a theme for her. And then… it just kind of expanded.

I’m by no means a professional (had a year of lessons when I was ten and have just been tinkering on my own since then) and my recorder isn’t the best, but I thought I’d upload a video for myself. It was really fun (if time consuming), and I’m hoping when I have more time (ha) I can make more themes. (I also have an old one from Popinjay, and a few for The Silver Eye, which I could record now that I know how to do so with something other than my parents’ dinky camera…)

Anyway! Themes from Blessings, including: Melle’s theme, the fair realm and the boy with 601 blessings (a.k.a. the song of the final blessing).

Blessings Themes from Alyssa Hollingsworth on Vimeo.

Playing around with character themes for a WIP.


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