21 Pictures of 21

I generally like to be sentimental about my birthday, so this year I thought I’d show off the highlights in 21 pictures.

21 was filled with the recovery from three surgeries on my hands.

Thanksgiving in wine country in CA. Being greeted by my siblings and nieces wearing mustaches.

Christmas is always exciting with my family.

Studying abroad and making fantastic friends!

The first pub visit, with Hilary!

The beginnings of a new story.

A spontaneous trip to Barcelona and the wonder of that cathedral.

The literary tour of Bath!

The Doctor Who Experience in London!

A visit to Germany with my sister.

Biking Inishmore in Ireland with some awesome people.

Wales and wind and walking.

Anna and our adventures!

Horseback riding in the Burren.

Mom and I in Scotland.

Hiking Hadrian’s Wall.

These shoes were new when I left.

Back at work at Berry.

Great Gatsby Gala.

My last Mountain Day–holding hands with a boy!

Friends at Mountain Day after our last march.

21 was a year of healing, of discovery, and of friendships. It wasn’t easy… but it was good.


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