Once Upon a Time There were Good Graphics

I’ve been complaining to my friends for some time about the promotional pictures this show uses. The one below is a facebook picture to promote the next episode. It’s a very good example of some basics in What Not To Do.

  • The photograph of the character is out of focus.
  • Hand-crop. Cropping at the hands is frowned upon and creates an unnecessary tension in the image.
  • That nature background looks like my dad took it on his digital camera. The color quality is terrible and the image itself is pixelized.
  • The lines on the maniped man are blurry. This is acceptable for a manip by a teenage girl, but not so much from a professional designer.
  • Why is there a texture of what looks like the starry sky set to lighten-only just on the man’s tunic? Does the man’s tunic contain the universe?
  • The light source on the character is not at all the light source of the background. Looking at the grass, it’s clear this is a pretty direct light from overhead. (I’m estimating that picture was taken on a sunny day at around, ummmm, 3:00? When the light was not as severe as noon but was still pretty harsh where the mountains hadn’t cut it off.) The dude should be more harshly lit if he’s going to match. (Note: On closer inspection, I think the dude is trying to blend in with the mountain/hill at his back. This doesn’t make sense for light/color/shadow though, because he’s obviously standing in the harshly lit grass.)
  • Don’t get me started on highlights and shadows in this completely flat picture.
  • Stock scroll image is placed too near his neck–is starting to dislocate his head.
  • Is the seal really necessary?
  • The gaps between lines of font are amateur. You should know better.
  • The quotation mark isn’t a quotation mark, it’s a prime inch mark. There’s no space after the ellipsis. There is no attempt at an end quotation mark.
  • Is there really no way the lighting on that scroll could match the overall image even a tiny bit?

Other than that… good job, guys!


2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time There were Good Graphics

  1. “Does the man’s tunic contain the universe?” Lol!

    Thank you for making this! It is awesome. I have been irritated by these manips as well. I think something like this should be a regular part of your blog, and that you should do one for the main poster for this season with the purple smoke because there are things about that one that really annoy me.

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