Snapshot: Reasons to Love My Prof

I have a new creative writing professor this year, and these are some of the reasons I love her, just based on my class with her last Tuesday:

  • “This! This is the best descriptive sentence you have ever written!”
  • “I’m laughing because of course you need to mention that award in the cover letter!”
  • “Let’s look at this synopsis and highlight anything that might be danger of being–what’d you say?–a ‘happy bow’ ending.”
  • “There are too many be verbs in this page.”
  • “Oh, wow, you really marked up that book. Can you read me some of the excerpts? I want to know what you think.”
  • “Can you read me the romantic history of your character? I’m just curious!”

Seriously, I love all my professors. But this professor is so attentive and so encouraging that I leave skipping even if most of our conversation was about ways my story needs to be better.


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