The Great Gatsby Gala

On Friday night I went to my second dance in the history of my college career. And it was actually pretty fun.

Beforehand, I had acquired a dress, pantyhose, headband and feather. It was a frustrating but ultimately rewarding search for the dress (which reminded me why I hate dress shopping). My friends and I wanted to get some pictures before the sunset, so I started getting ready at about 4:30.

This went off fabulously and we got some lovely pictures all around. I spent a while editing the pictures. We ran over to an open mic event to hear Erika sing. Then we hung out in Kaitlyn’s flat while I continued editing pictures and we waited for 11:00.

At long last, 11:00 came. The gala was on Graduation Lawn (I think that’s what we’re calling it?), in front of Evans Hall, our humanities building. They’d strung up white lights all around, and it was very beautiful. They had a trolley making rounds to pick up and drop off people. Fun swing music played loud enough for people to dance to.

I was taking pictures for PR, so for a bit I just ran around with my camera and tripod. I learned it is very hard to use both when you’re in a short skirt, but I managed. Then most of the evening consisted of hanging out with my friends, getting one of the little Gate children to teach me some swing moves, my friends trying to grab my crush to make him dance with me (didn’t work out, which I was more than fine with), and ended with me dancing by myself and making my own fun. I had intended to only stay an hour, but I ended up staying the whole time because it was so nice.

The downside–which has reminded me starkly of one of the reasons I hate dances–is that my weekend has been trashed as a result. I can’t seem to get enough sleep and my introvert socializing scale is maximized to overflowing. But, hey, now I can say that I went to a 1920’s dance party.


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