English Department Dinner

So I decided Snapshot: Senior Year is going to be a thing. Because half the time I don’t have the time to write out whole entries for the fun things that are happening, and I don’t want to forget. Here we go.

Yesterday evening, I had an exceedingly awesome dinner with the English department and all major/minors (who wanted to show up). During the dinner, one student started trying to think of an author who’d had a happy life. This conversation ended with us deciding that pairing Hemingway/Austen is not only a thing but could potentially be the best thing ever.

It went something like this:

Student 1: I think Hemingway had a happy life! … Until he killed himself. [goes supports this with awesome stories about Hemingway]
Professor: Yeah, I guess it depends on how you define “happy.”
Me: I mean, Tolkien and Jane Austen had pretty happy lives.
Student 2: But Jane Austen… I mean… She never got married!
Me/Prof: She didn’t have to get married and probably didn’t want to!
Student 2: But Becoming Jane–
[rabbit trail about how Becoming Jane is the worst historically accurate Jane Austen movie in existence]
Prof: Hmm, Jane Austen and Hemingway…
Multiple Students: NO WAI. [short silence]
Me: Wait, wait, because my brain is twisted I keep thinking of ways that would actually work. You could actually make a really good Darcy/Elizabeth retelling out of this. Think about it! Snarky American and proper British lady. There would be a lot of witty banter. A lot. It could work.

Then we ran with that and basically decided that movie would make a ton of money.


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