(Old) WitMMM: Day Six (Conwy to Dublin)

(Originally posted on May 16, 2012)

We were worried about not having enough time to see Conwy castle and visit some shops on this morning, so we got up earlier and were down for breakfast the moment they started serving. Classic oldies were playing from the radio. We were the only ones down, and we sat by the window. It was completely peaceful. The host and hostess were really chill and relaxed. I got teased a bit for just ordering bacon and was told several times to ask for more if I was still hungry (I also was having toast and cereal). Even though we had a crazy day ahead, it was the perfect start to the morning. We both never wanted to leave.

But we had to leave, alas. We kept our bags in the B&B and then were off to the castle. It took us a bit to figure out the right entrance, but we found it eventually. There was one other student and a small family group also going in. But otherwise it was completely empty. We had fun climbing the tours, poking our heads in dark places, and snapping pictures. I almost fell down one of the towers (saved by a rail). Success!

We did a speed tour and then headed to the Knight Shop. We drooled for some time over the swords (which were way out of our price range). They had a Roman stylus that I whimpered at. They also had super awesome, detailed letter openers for not too much. We both caved and bought one each. I got Excalibur and Mary Cate got Robin Hood’s.

Then we browsed some other shops. I found a Welsh pillow, but it was incredibly over priced, so I did not get it. After browsing for a bit, we returned to the B&B. We grabbed our bags, then took a taxi back to Llandudno Junction. From there we caught the train to Holyhead with no problem.

After waiting for a bit, we got onto the ferry. Mary Cate bought some fancy motion sickness bracelets. We grabbed lunch at the bistro (expensive but surprisingly good). Then we settled down for three hours. I edited pictures and tried not to fall asleep. Mary Cate watched TV and dozed a bit. Uneventful. I didn’t get nauseous at all, but I think staring at a screen helped.

According to the website, on landing we were supposed to catch a bus that would take us to city center. But when we got off, the bus waiting wasn’t the one that had been listed. I suppose we could have waited to see if another one showed up, but I was afraid that was our only option. We got on and were dropped in the city, but at a completely different place than I expected, that wasn’t even on my printed directions. We wandered a bit. A nice cabby pointed us in the right direction. After walking forever, I went into a bookstore and the nice lady showed me on a map where I was and where I was going. We walked a while further, and finally came onto my map. I think we’d come from the complete opposite direction. But we did make it there, at last.

We checked in, dropped our stuff, and went in search of food. This took longer than anticipated. We eventually parked in a Persian restaurant. Later returned to the hostel for showers and sleep.


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