(Old) WitMMM: Day Four (York)

(Originally posted on May 14, 2012)


Woke up miserably early (read: 7:00), did some last minute packing, and caught a bus to the station. We arrived pretty early, so stopped in Costa for tea and hot chocolate. A nice beginning to the day, admittedly. Then it was on to the train to York! Though a crowded ride, this went pretty well.

We arrived in York and made our way through some crowds to the B&B. This went pretty well, thanks to my handy map. The B&B where we are staying is back off the main street, so away from the crowds and noise. It’s quite nice, with a view of the city and a big Ferris wheel.

After checking in and dumping our stuff, we set out again. We explored the city a bit, found TI and then went in search of the Yorkshire Museum. We found it soon enough. We bought combo tickets for this museum and the castle museum. Then we began to look around. There was an exhibit on extinction that was fairly interesting. Then there was a ton of information on York through Roman times to Viking to medieval and Tudor. We discovered that the Ninth Legion (think Eagle of the Ninth) was stationed here, and Constantine was named royal emperor here. We even found a little stone Ninth Eagle! They had a cool movie with a timeline of historic events, which was a great quick preview. Over all, it was a really interesting museum, and very well put together. We stopped in the shop, where I picked up a small strategy game and a little owl pin.

From there, we walked across town to the York Castle Museum. This had a Victorian life exhibit. There were examples of living rooms and bedrooms, then a hall with typical life rituals—birth (which was terrifying), marriage (with traditional wedding dresses—really interesting), and death/funerals (found out that people hired men to be mute and look sad). Other parts of the museum included a dairy, a housecleaning exhibit, kitchens through the ages, and an indoor town you could walk through (reminded me a lot of museums in Pensacola). We ended up in the shop just before it was about to close, so we didn’t get to go into the 60’s portion of the museum or the dungeon. But the tickets are good for a year, so we’re hoping to make it back tomorrow.

We then walked to a Pizza Express that was on the water, where we had a lovely dinner. We returned to the B&B and picked up our laptops. The B&B doesn’t have internet, so we went to find free WiFi in a diner nearby. We got teas and I got an apple crumble. The teas were mediocre, but the apple crumble and ice cream was quite yummy. We caught up on internet and returned to the room to rest. We also caught the finale of Britain’s Got Talent, which was exciting. A girl and her dog won.

The end of that day!


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