(Old) WitMMM: Day Eight (Kinsale)

(Originally posted on May 17, 2012)

We awoke, got to the bus station, and boarded the right bus all with relative ease this morning. It was a pretty straight forward journey–about four hours to Cork. We did go through Cashel, which was a stop I’d scratched off after the online site said you couldn’t get to it by bus. So that’s special. But it was pretty relaxing. I listened to a good chunk of Mrs. Mike on Audible (which is an ADORABLE story). We got into Cork a little later than expected, but still managed to find the Kinsale bus in good time. Then it was another hour in.

I didn’t have a map to the B&B for Kinsale. I don’t know why/how I missed it in my map frenzy for the trip, but luckily I’d realized it last night. We stopped in the TI first to ask if they could direct us. They sent us on a short hike, and it was only after we arrived at the end of the hike that we realized we’d been sent to the town hostel, not to the accommodation I’d reserved. I opened my laptop, on which I’d saved a map with the location, and then found it on the map the TI had given me. It was back down the hill and through town, then up another steep hill, but we found it eventually.

The hostel/accommodation place itself is sort of… special. We’re in a private room with a bunk bed. There are two random doors–one of which seems to lead into the office and is covered by a sheet (makeshift closet?) and one of which goes into a partially refurbished kitchen-ish area. Another door leads into a tiny stone thing with a creepy ladder. I have by now climbed the ladder and discovered it leads to a garden and seating area. Anyway. One wall of the room is stone, with spider webs all over it and an empty fireplace. The roof is like… plastic. The bathroom is rich Afghan style, by which I mean there’s a toilet and a shower and only a little curtain sort of dividing them (so the floor is constantly wet). There’s a shared kitchen area, which is sort of dirty. So it’s just… special. But it was also cheap. And there’s internet. So we will make due.

After dropping our stuff and resting for a moment, we went to explore the town. We walked basically all through it. It’s really cute and quiet, with a small harbor and lots of shops with character. It’ll be fun going through when everything’s open tomorrow. I bought some cold medicine my friend, Erika, had recommended (still trying to kick this cold, and the dust in our room wasn’t helping). We ended up getting dinner in a bar/pizza place, watching some horse races while we ate. All the restaurants we’ve seen so far have been kind of pricey, which is a bummer. Hoping lunches will be cheaper. But it was great food and a nice atmosphere, and it was the most relaxed I’ve felt since we’ve come into Ireland.

On the way back, we met a stray dog who was interested in my pizza. Mary Cate petted him, and then he followed us everywhere. He was very tiny and cute. The hostel guy scared the poor guy off, but we think he headed off toward his owners.

Then we retreated to our room, where we have been partaking of internet, resting and playing literary pun jokes on Facebook. Looking forward to seeing some of the sights of Kinsale in the morning.


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