(Old) Mask of V: In Sum

(Originally posted on January 12, 2011)

An abridged version of the last few days (because it’s either abridged or not happening–too tired and busy to do more than that):

After Venice, we basically just started hanging out at the hotel waiting to catch a flight. We did rent sleds and take a short trip north, where then we enjoyed sledding on the Alps. Which I imagine will be quite useful in future two truths and a lie games.

Laura discovered that the hand painted mask she’d gotten from the mask maker in Venice had disappeared, and much angst resulted. So Mom, Laura and I took a train back to Venice and hunted down the same mask maker to buy another mask. I also picked up a little fox mask. Then we wandered around enjoying Venice (though it was a much more rainy day that our first visit). I think we’d even started to recognize streets and directions by the time we were done. I picked up a green leather mask and a little Venetian flag. Then we took the train back that night.

Finally we decided that flights just weren’t going to happen from the place we were. So we took an overnight train from Italy to Austria. Then we got off the train and caught a taxi over the border into Germany. Then we caught another train from that part of Germany to Munich (this leg was accompanied by getting off at the wrong stop and waiting forever to catch another train). Then we rented a car and Dad drove for four hours to the next base, where we missed signing up for a flight to the U.S. by like ten minutes. We rented a room and slept. The next day was spent in the airport waiting to see if a flight would work. After like 10 hours of waiting all the flights ended up being canceled. At this point, I was quite sick (coughing, lung congestion, sore throat, fatigue, the whole shebang). The day after that we did finally manage to get on a flight, which left about five hours later than anticipated. We flew for eight hours (most of which were quite miserable), landed in a blizzard in Baltimore, got through customs and then waited about two hours for our luggage. Rented a car and set out through the snow storm toward home. Four hours later (2 AM approx.) we pulled into the driveway, most of us having been awake for 24 hours straight.

So today I’m supposed to fly back to campus. But I have a dentist appointment that has to happen (mouth guard thing they say I need to wear while I sleep) so I go to that and of course everything goes wrong and it takes about two hours longer than expected. At this point I’m not even packed and my plane leaves in an hour. We postpone the flight and I call the shuttle to get a new spot, only to find out they aren’t running that late and I’ll get stuck at the airport all night. I wiped my tears and went with Mom to the airport to beg Delta to change my ticket, which they graciously did. So now I’m all set to fly tomorrow afternoon, hopefully get back to campus late tomorrow night.

I am quite exhausted.


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