(Old) Airport Horror Stories

(Originally posted on February 12, 2010)

So, we all have our little airport horror stories. Here is mine.

Last night, my flight is one of the only flights canceled because of the massive amounts of snow expected in Atlanta (read: one inch. ONE INCH). My mom finds out that I’ve been put onto an 8:15 AM flight. I’m like, okay, that means I have to get up at like 5:40 but that’s fine. I’ll have to miss work and two classes but I can do that if necessary.

1:30 AM – Someone calls me to let me know that I’m on the 8:15 flight. I’m summon my cheerfulness and manage not to scream about being woken up at a ridiculous hour.

5:40 AM – I get out of bed, check the flight, and leave. The drive there is somewhat terrifying, as it is dark and cars do scary things on the road to Atlanta. I stop for gas because my gas tank has been acting weird and I don’t know how much is actually in it.

7:30 AM – I arrive at Atlanta. I park way in the boonies because there is no parking. I get to the security line. It is all the way across the lobby/waiting area, in addition to being zig-zaggy and everything it normally is. I’ve never seen it this far back. I start counting minutes.

7:40-7:55 AM – The lady checking IDs REALLY checks mine. Quite thoroughly. For several minutes. I can’t help rolling my eyes. She doesn’t see. Then I get into the slowest security line. Apparently the security has been upped recently, because they take a long time. I don’t bother tying my shoes. I just run.

8:00 AM – I get off the tram and am like, “Ok, my gate is 3! That’s going to be right by the tram exit!” No, it is actually on the other side of the terminal. I run most of the way there. It’s getting hard to breathe. I feel sort of asthma attack-y (have I mentioned I was diagnosed with slight asthma?). I keep pushing myself, even though my legs feel like they’re going to give out and I can barely breathe. I get there. It isn’t my flight. Turns out my gate had changed to 20. I turn around. There it is, way on the side of the terminal where I had entered. I hear them giving the last call for boarding. I run.

8:13 AM – I get to my gate. The door is closed. After being put on a standby for a full flight this afternoon, I sit down and cry and cough and try to even my breathing.

So there you have it. I’m here waiting until 1:00 to see if by a miracle I can get on the flight. If I can’t, I’ll have to go back to campus for the weekend and try again next weekend. Considering this appears to be the only time I will be going home this semester, I really would like to be able to make the 1:00 flight.

At least after almost two hours, I don’t feel sick anymore and I am breathing easier.

EDIT: That flight got canceled. I am now back at Berry. Mom and I decided it was best I don’t attempt to go next weekend, which means if I go home at all this semester it will be in late March. Today probably couldn’t get any more disappointing.


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